About Us

CurvesConnect.com is a new online dating site launched in 2015. Jerry Miller, founder of FarmersOnly.com (with now over 4 million members), has been studying online dating for over 10 years. Through countless conversations with people from all walks of life, Jerry observed that Hollywood has brainwashed people into what “being attractive” should look like. But why should so many people be overlooked just because they are a few pounds overweight?

Jerry and the leadership team of FarmersOnly decided to build a site where people feel comfortable showing and sharing their true selves, true pictures and true interests. No more posting a photo from 20 years ago because you think you looked better! CurvesConnect.com was started so that you will be accepted just the way you are. At CurvesConnect.com you’ll find real photos of real people looking for real, meaningful relationships. Be who you are, not who others think you should be.

Our site is inspired by the tens of millions of Americans who don’t happen to look like Hollywood celebrities. There are many stereotypes for anyone who is not skinny. Here’s ours: They’re REAL people. CurvesConnect.com is a dating site for anyone who self-identifies as curvy, plus-size, or having a few extra pounds or curves, and anyone who doesn’t judge a book by its cover.